The Goshen Chamber Changes Things

We're visible, we're vocal, and we're not afraid to take a stand

As a convening force, we bring creative ideas to proactive partnerships. Simply put, we get things done. Whenever an important issue impacts Orange County, we have a seat at the table. Bringing business and community interests together for the common good. Each year we help to build a stronger economy and an environment to conduct business successfully. Come to us with your ideas and concerns.

We encircle you in a network of success

Building your business begins with building relationships, so networking is a top priority. Every month, we provide effective ways for you to connect, focus and engage. Whether you are an entrepreneur or represent a larger enterprise, every member is welcomed with equal respect and enthusiasm.

We're much more than mixers. Year after year, those who participate in our programs find the return on their investment multiplies. From our monthly networking breakfasts and lunches to our business groups, we make connecting with opportunity easy.

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce has developed a comprehensive offering of programs and benefits that reap dividends for businesses well beyound the cost of membership.