Your Company Profile. You're In Control.

Manage Your Profile on IntroSTAR

Now you have the power to easily tweak your company profile to keep it up‐to‐date and impactful

‐ show off a recent award, offer coupons, post job opportunities. This is the place.

If you have any questions contact Jim Wagner at

STEP ONE: Get Log‐in Credentials

  1. Above the street address on the upper right hand corner of the Membership Directory Click Forgot Password?

  2. Enter the email address in your membership listing and click

  3. Go to your email. Open the one from IntroStar and follow the instructions.

  4. Go back to your email account. You will find another email with a temporary password,

    write down you temporary password and then click

  5. Enter your primary email address and temporary password and click

STEP TWO: Change Your Password

  1. Once logged‐in, click down arrow next to your name (upper right corner of screen)

  2. Enter your old password (that you received in the email) and then new password twice.

  3. Record your new password in a secure location for future reference

  4. Click “Change Password”

Updating Your Company Profile - Please do not make changes to your category at this time

  1. Click “Edit Company Profile” in the blue menu bar and make changes as needed

    1. Enter a brief description of your company

    2. Enter keywords for your company (aids search results)

    3. Upload your logo the same way you would add an attachment to email

  2. Click “Save” to record changes

Updating Your Personal Profile

  1. Click “Edit My Personal Profile” (right margin) and make changes as needed

    1. Click “Add/View Credentials” (middle of page)

    2. Upload Awards, Certifications, the same way you add an attachments to emails

    3. Upload a Profile Picture

  2. Click “Save” to record changes

Posting Advertisements

  1. Click “Advertisement” in the blue menu bar and make changes as needed

    1. Click “Coupon” then click “Add Coupon” and complete the form

    2. Add an image if you want, the same way you add an attachment to email

  2. Click “Save” to record your chances.

  3. To Edit or Delete a Coupon click the “Edit” or “Delete” link

  4. Repeat steps to post Classified or Help Wanted Ads