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Embrace Opportunity

Welcome to the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, where we open doors and close deals to support and improve the communities where we live, work and play. With a strong and sustainable vision, we're leading the way to a successful future for our members.


We Encircle you in a Network of Success

Building your business begins with building relationships, so networking is a top priority. Every week, we provide effective ways to connect, focus, and engage. Whether you are an entrepreneur or represent a large enterprise, every member is welcomed with equal respect and enthusiasm.

We're much more than mixers. Year after year, those who participate in our programs find the return on their investments multiplies. From our monthly breakfasts, business groups or our networking luncheons, we make connecting with opportunity easy.

We've developed a comprehensive offering of programs and benefits that reap dividends for businesses well beyond the cost of membership.


This Chamber Changes Things 

We're visible, we're vocal, and we're not afraid to take a stand. As a convening force, we bring creative ideas to proactive partnerships. Simply put, we get things done. Whenever an important issue impacts this county, we have a seat at the table. In fact, we're often the organization that sends out the invites, bringing business and community interests together for the common goal.

We're passionate and visionary; a trusted resource with an open door. Each year, we help to build a stronger economy and environment to conduct business. Contact us with your ideas and concerns.


We Pull Out All the Stops to Pull People In

Be sure that your venue and your event is on our Community Calendar. Our website is the first place people visit when they are looking for things to do.

By focusing on the areas of economic drivers, we ensure a steady stream of tourists who are looking for interesting events, novel museums, learning opportunities and excellent meals. Let us multiply your marketing dollars and help increase your bottom line.


Marching Down Main Street Brings People Together

Here positive expectation leads the way and connecting our communities puts everyone on the map. We enjoy a high quality of life and we intend to protect it by supporting smart economic development, a vibrant agricultural sector and ample open space.

Good jobs and access to high quality healthcare and education are important for our citizens and our businesses. We stand behind our farmers, physicians and artists, our significant historic assets and our outstanding natural environs.

At the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, your membership is an investment in the future, built on our history of success. When tomorrow arrives, we will be ready. We invite you to join the Chamber and put two feet in the race.

Join Now!

What makes the Goshen Chamber special? From the Goshen Art Walk and Farmers’ Market, to The Great American Weekend, and the Live Harness Racing, at the World’s Oldest Harness Track, we are a community of history with an equally bright future. 

What can the Goshen Chamber of Commerce do for you? Name it! We nurture relationships that go beyond connections.  From networking breakfasts and professional development, to community support and advocating for local buisness, we offer you a wealth of resources and experience.  The voice of local businesses, we serve our community by strengthening the economic environment for all. 

We hope you will join us. 

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