Philosophy & Mission

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce is about business and community. We were first organized as the Goshen Board of Trade in 1895, and later became known as the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. Over the decades diverse businesses have been part of our vibrant chamber community and our Board members have been leaders in commerce, organizations and community. In our 100+ years we have never wavered from the ideal of supporting our businesses through good or bad economic times.

Our mission:

To generally foster trade and commerce and the interests of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest, to reform abuses relative thereto, to secure freedom from unjust or unlawful exactions, to diffuse accurate and reliable information as to the standing of merchants, business firms and other matters, to procure uniformity and certainty in the customs and usages of trade and commerce, and of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest within the general area of the Town of Goshen, County of Orange, State of New York.

To settle and adjust differences between its members and others and to promote an enlarged and friendly intercourse among business people of the Goshen, New York area.

To advance the civic, commercial, industrial, professional and agricultural interests itself and in consort with other recognized organizations in the region.

To promote the general welfare and prosperity of the Goshen area and to stimulate the public sentiment to these ends.

To provide such civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and social features as will promote these ends and purposes.