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Join us and get your business connected.

Welcome to the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, where we open doors and make connections. From informational breakfasts to educational round tables, our programs encircle you in a network of success. We help build the relationships that build your business.

Feel free to email our President of the Board Amy Van Amburgh at info@goshennychamber.com or give us a call at the office.

Goshen Chamber Village Center Church NY

Why Join The Goshen Chamber?

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robb gumulka

Out of all the different organizations I belong to I have to say that not only is the Executive director Barbara a great leader but she is also a great friend. She pushes you to do more and won’t let you give an excuse as to not accomplishing your goals. She is very active in promoting your business and making sure you meet the right people. Barbara is someone I would recommend you know as soon as possible.

Ramon Pineiro III / Google

Fantastic driven leadership is what makes the GCC an excellent choice for local businesses to join. This also includes the very small businesses, such as local artisans whom can be very quiet and don’t have the first idea how to promote themselves successfully! Thank you GCC for all of the work that you do. Proud to be a member of such a driving force in the village! xxx

Tracy Dentico / Google

I am thrilled to be a new active member of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce! The support of this organization is invaluable and the energy and enthusiasm of Barbara Martinez is infectious! This treasure of a connection could not have come at a better time as we continue to grow our existing law practice, and as we develop our brand new workplace! THANK YOU!!

William O'Keeffe / Google
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