Community of Goshen working together to support a local family of the community

Goshen, NY – July 24, 2019, What started out as a fashion show has turned into a community event where local business owners and many community residents are volunteering their time and energy to support the Sudarto’s and their family in their time of need.
The most wonderful thing about living in a small community is that we get the sense of family with our neighbors who we see all over. Whether it is on the streets in the village, in our local boutique, yoga studio, spin studio, tanning salon or the many other local establishments you see people you recognize and from there you start your small talk. We see all the familiar faces all around and we start to build bonds and care for the people that were once acquaintances.
It started one afternoon when I wondered into Bliss Boutique and Sandra, the owner of Bliss Boutique, had a thought to do a fashion show for the boutique. From that point, Sandra collaborated with Charleen of Happy Buddha Yoga, Cindy of Pedal Goshen, and Nicole of Sunset Bay Tanning to host an event as a community collaboration that would support the local Generosity Challenge. This collection of the Generosity Challenge is supporting a local family who has had some difficult times since the birth of their child Liliana.
Liliana was born to Stephen and Briana Sudarto and from a prenatal ultrasound, the couple knew that there was something alarming going on when they were shuffled to a few different doctors for an opinion on the enlarged kidney that they had seen on the ultrasound. The Sudartos’ have been helping their daughter through battles to stay healthy before and after the surgeries that this infant child has endured. The Sudartos’ and this community are all geared up to fight for Liliana health.
Sunday, July 28, 1 pm, Bliss Boutique will hold a Fashion Showcase Event with $5 donation to enter the door. The $5 will go to the Generosity Challenge and this collection will be donated to the Sudarto family to support their medical needs in their time of needed support. With your entrance of $5 donation, you will get raffle tickets that will be pulled after the event.
Thanks to our local business owners who volunteered their donations to support the cause.
“It takes a village, it’s true,” Briana Sudarto said. It sure does, and if you have the right village behind you miracles can happen and you will find all the love and support you need.

-Nicole Manno


Contact: Sandra Fuentes- Owner Bliss Boutique

Business phone number: 845-248-1921


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