A number of bills have been introduced to address needs and concerns relating to the COVID-19 outbreak:

S7932 Prohibits price gouging with respect to medical supplies during a public health emergency.

S7996A Guarantees that any school that chooses to close due to COVID-19 concerns does not lose state funding under the 180 day law.

S2520C Provides interest-free loans to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations affected by community-wide shutdowns from COVID-19.

S7989 Requires policies and contracts that provide coverage for prescription drugs to include coverage of an immediate additional thirty-day supply of a prescription drug during a state of emergency.

S6425A Raises the cap on the amount retired police officers can make during a state of emergency from $35,000 to $65,000, enabling school districts the flexibility they may need to adequately staff during a declared state of emergency.

S08041A Provides that if a volunteer firefighter or EMS provider is exposed to COVID-19 in the line of duty, they are authorized to be tested for the virus.

S8014B Ensures that school tuition is paid to non-traditional public schools that receive state aid, including 853 schools and those that cater to the deaf and blind, in the event of a shutdown prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

S8015 Permits absentee voting in the event of a public health risk.

This is a challenging time, and I encourage you to reach out to my office at or (845) 344-3311 if we can be of assistance.