Daylight Saving Committed to a Cleaner, Greener Orange County

Daylight savings

Orange County NY was the first County in NYS to become a Certified Climate Smart Community back in 2013, and like much of NYS has committed to establishing a cleaner energy economy. The majority of funding for these changes has been through NYSERDA’s Cleaner Greener Communities Program. Our community has acknowledged and taken steps to reduce harmful emissions and in doing so has created the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan which will tackle energy consumption on a local level.

Daylight Savings, a small business located on Main Street Goshen, would like to introduce themselves to the community as a NYSERDA Certified Flextech Consultant for close to 30 years, providing resources to reach the goals of our local and statewide energy plans. We perform energy efficiency studies for the benefit of an array of businesses, farms,  and not-for-profits across NY State. Our specialties include but are not limited to; green agricultural practices and solutions, load reduction strategies, renewable energy generation, and clean heating and cooling principals.

Our pledge to our customers is that each project is carefully handled by our team, with emphasis on customer service and communication; we strive to create an innovative approach and application of energy-efficient technologies to combat your business’ specific energy needs.

Here are two of many NYSERDA programs offered through Daylight Savings

GJGNY: Green Jobs- Green New York is a Statewide program encouraging New Yorkers to participate in clean energy studies.  Providing walk through building assessments, offering opportunities to increase energy efficiencies, lower utility bills cost, reduce harmful emissions, and low-interest financing to implement green upgrades.

As an incentive to partake in GJGNY, NYSERDA is offering participants audit assessments at a cost as low as $100. Typically these assessments are valued upwards of $3,000.

AGRICULTURAL ENERGY STUDY: Eligible farms and on-farm producers are eligible to apply for a free energy audit. These audits are geared towards increasing efficiencies and providing resources to reduce the energy impact of New York State’s agricultural sector. Farms that may apply include, but are not limited to; orchards, dairies, greenhouses, vegetables, flowers, vineyards, poultry/egg, grain dryers, creameries, and livestock producers.

Farms who participate in the Agricultural energy study will receive a detailed energy report with a calculated evaluation of their farm’s energy usage with suggestions for increasing energy efficiency for daily operations. This may include technological upgrades to existing structures or processes as well as new project proposals to maximize longevity and sustainability practices for future production.

If you have questions about supporting a greener business and community please contact, Liese Boese at Daylight Savings Company, Phone: 845-291-1275