Goshen Farmers Market Covid-19 Guidelines

Farmers Market Goshen Covid19 Guidelines


All customers are required to wear a face mask or covering

  • The Goshen Farmers Market is open Fridays, May 29th through October 30th.
  • The Market is open and ready to provide you with great groceries, take-home meals, and provisions.
  • Please keep a 6ft distance between you and other shoppers. There is signage in place to help remind you and your fellow customers.
  • Some merchants offer pre-order pick-up. Please contact the merchant in advance and place your order, you may check the Vendor listing to see if they offer pre-paid pick-up.

As an essential service, the Goshen Farmers’ Market WILL REMAIN OPEN, providing fresh, healthy food for the community. We are actively making operational changes to protect customers, farmers, and staff, and to mitigate the spread of disease, additional information can be found here.

    • Always cough or sneeze, into your arm or a tissue, away from people and foodWe need your help to keep the markets safe and healthy for all community members, by following these guidelines:
      • Come prepared and limit your visit time. We ask that you come ready, shopping list in hand, so you can get in and get out quickly. Please treat the market as an essential activity, not as a social activity. And, send only one family member if you can.
      • Honor social distancing of six feet while at the market. Give space to those around you, at least 6 feet, while shopping and waiting in line.
      • Observe all posted signage and demarcated lines, which signal where customers should wait, six feet apart, to order and pay for their products.
      • Always stay at home if you are sick. Follow this link (on-site pick up) to learn which of our vendors provide CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes and pre-pay order pick up.
      • Wash hands often, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Please consider washing your hands before entering the market and when leaving.
      • Those who are high-risk (elderly and people with underlying health conditions) avoid coming to the market.  Follow this link (On-site pick up) to learn which of our vendors provide CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes and pre-pay order pick up.
      • As always, wash your fruits and veggies when you return home.
      • These guidelines are continuously evolving and may change unexpectedly to meet updated state and/or health department regulations

We hope at this time of uncertainty that the farmers’ market can remain a pillar for community health and greater transparency in the food system.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of our independent, locally-owned businesses.