Mission Statement

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to strengthening member businesses and community involvement in order to stimulate growth and a positive image within our local economy.

       Core Values       


We build trust by holding ourselves and each other accountable to our commitments. We are reliable individually and as a team in all that we deliver to our members.


We know things change in all areas of business and community on a regular basis. We will provide timely programs focused on topics that you as a community member or business owner need to know.


We are focused on the growth and well-being of people and the community in which we live. We strive to build our knowledge and skill as we focus on a mission that is continually centered on the needs of all our members.

Relationships and Connections

As a chamber, our purpose is built upon businesses and their people. We know that at the end of the day, prices, costs, products, and services will never count as much as relationships. We are here to help you build and enhance these relationships. Strong relationships not only help business, but they also help our community thrive.

Sense of Community

The Goshen Chamber strives to achieve a sense of community in today’s technology-driven world. We will do whatever we can to foster that feeling of belonging and inclusiveness


We have a strong customer focus, strategic vision, and willingness to challenge the status quo. We are creative in the way that we face challenges and the way we proactively drive superior results.

Non-Profit Leading The Way

As a non-profit organization (501c6), the Chamber is committed to improving the economic prosperity and quality of life of the area. The Goshen Chamber is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors who convenes monthly and directs the work of the Chamber and its various committees. Special areas of interest for the chamber include: membership development, government and environmental affairs, special events, and the Goshen Farmers’ Market.

Goshen Chamber Village Center Church NY

Get Involved- Embrace Opportunity

Building your business begins with building relationships, so networking is a top priority at the chamber. Every week, we provide effective ways for you to connect, focus, and engage. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or Not for Profit organization, every member is welcomed with equal respect and enthusiasm.

We’re much more than mixers. We are your connection to the community and other businesses sharing a common goal to thrive and succeed.From the Ambassadors Committee to our Business Resource Groups to our Women’s Business Group, we make connecting with opportunity easy.