Ambassador’s Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Ambassador Program is the retention of Goshen Chamber of Commerce Members, enlistment of new members, and goodwill representatives of the Chamber at a variety of functions. This outgoing group of people helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and its purpose.

The Ambassador Program consists of enthusiastic volunteers from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s membership who donate their time to help build member commitment and raise community awareness of Chamber activities and benefits. In doing so, the Ambassadors grow professionally and personally by building business relationships within the community. The program is ideal if you have a desire to become more active in the local business environment, raise awareness of your business or organization, and give back to your community.

Vision Statement

The Ambassadors will achieve the mission statement by attending Chamber functions and serve as the “meeters and greeters” at Chamber events, such as:

● Monthly Breakfasts
● Networking at Noon
● Member Orientations
● Ribbon Cuttings
● Grand Openings
● Dinner Galas
● Expos
● Great American Weekend

Ambassadors are the first contact new members will have with other members upon joining the Goshen Chamber of Commerce.

Requirements to Become and Remain and Ambassador

Be a member in good standing with the Goshen Chamber of Commerce that diligently attends Ambassador meetings and various events associated with the Chamber. Participation in the Ambassadors’ program requires a commitment on both the part of the Ambassador and their company. Ambassadors are asked to make a one-year commitment to the program and participate in the Ambassador Orientation Program.

Each Ambassador receives an Ambassador badge, which displays each individual’s name. It helps identify those who are active in the group. Additionally, it helps promote the Ambassador Program and facilitates our activities as official representatives of the Chamber. Badges are worn by the Ambassadors during networking activities and other Chamber events.

Ambassador Program Benefits

The Ambassador Program provides opportunities for you to meet local business people and build lasting relationships. Additional benefits include:
● Increased name and face recognition for you and your business
● Excellent networking opportunities
● Potential media coverage from attendance at Chamber events.
● An insider’s perspective of the local business community
● Introductions to local business leaders
● An opportunity to demonstrate community pride.
● “Ambassador Spotlight” features in the Chamber’s newsletter

Ambassador Program Activities

As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to select what activities you desire to complete while representing the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. The opportunities may vary from year to year, but can include:

● Staffing the welcome/registration at Chamber events such as our monthly Networking Breakfasts.
● Attending ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies.
● Serve as a mentor for new Chamber members
● Conducting member surveys and soliciting member feedback.
● Participate in quarterly orientation sessions for members.
● Delivering Chamber materials to members.
● Attending additional events, including our Expos, Farmers’ Market, and annual Gala.

Ambassadors are encouraged to support the Goshen Chamber of Commerce by attending events whenever possible, even when they are not participating in Ambassador activities.

Meet the Ambassadors

cropped goshen chamber icon 01 1

Deborah Francis

Integra Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

(845) 800-6005


goshen chamber icon

Regina Hewitt

Functional Healing – The Mind-Body Connection

(845) 222-6624


cropped goshen chamber icon 01 1

Brittany Johnson

SERVPRO of North Orange County

(845) 551-4172

cropped goshen chamber icon 01 1

Gerson Levitas

cropped goshen chamber icon 01 1

Melanie Tocco

Wildest Dreams Mindset and Health Coaching

(917) 623-2240

cropped goshen chamber icon 01 1

Mark O’Hara

Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry

(845) 772-1088

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

Complete the application and submit it to the Goshen Chamber of Commerce either by mail or e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact the Goshen Chamber of Commerce.

Print Application

Online Application