Clever Kids Club, LLC

Clever Kids Club, LLC
Business Name: Clever Kids Club, LLC
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Business Phone Number: (914) 850-2223
Contact Name: Christine
Elizabeth Van Dunk
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CLEVER Kids Club, A place for creative and educational fun.

Christine and Liz Christine and Liz are Early Childhood and Elementary educators passionate about creativity, self-guided discovery and purposeful play. When these teachers were promoted to new moms,  their enthusiasm only amplified.  They knew the benefits and importance of early exposure to educational experiences and sought out opportunities in which to participate with their kids. They went to many play spaces with indoor slides and tunnels. They also visited many entertaining places with lights, tickets, and prizes.  They noticed, however, that there wasn’t a place where kids could play and have fun and that also promoted their social, emotional and cognitive development. Christine and Liz desired to visit a place where a CLEVER kid’s imagination, creativity, and natural curiosity would be the driving factors of their fun. A place where children of various ages and developmental stages could actually learn while playing! This is when these two CLEVER moms decided to create CLEVER Kids Club. Their hope and vision is to provide you and your CLEVER family with a fun alternative play space experience that fosters a love of learning.