Go Goats Milk
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Lisa Ross
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With passion and love, we milk our goats daily.  We spend hours in the dairy kitchen making fresh, delicious cheese.  I say “we” because it takes a small village to do what “we” do every day.

I was born here locally with a love for animals, dogs, horses and now goats.  After graduating from Mt. Saint Mary College with a degree in business, I found employment in NYC at the executive offices of Godiva Chocolatier.  That was a very tasty job, to say the least!

I progressed onto a real estate and banking firm ADCO until a real estate crisis caused layoffs.  In 1990 I started a dog walking business for the rich and famous.  Married in 1998, moved to a beautiful home in Goshen.  Started with two goats as pets and I was addicted.  As the number of my pet goats grew, people would ask what are you going to do with them?  I replied, “I’m going to create a business.”

Through divorce, relocation to another farm, my sacrifice and determination have brought me to where I am today.