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Go Goats Milk
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Contact Name: Lisa Ross
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With passion and love, we milk our goats daily.  We spend hours in the dairy kitchen making fresh, delicious cheese.  I say “we” because it takes a small village to do what “we” do every day.

I was born here locally with a love for animals, dogs, horses and now goats.  After graduating from Mt. Saint Mary College with a degree in business, I found employment in NYC at the executive offices of Godiva Chocolatier.  That was a very tasty job, to say the least!

I progressed onto a real estate and banking firm ADCO until a real estate crisis caused layoffs.  In 1990 I started a dog walking business for the rich and famous.  Married in 1998, moved to a beautiful home in Goshen.  Started with two goats as pets and I was addicted.  As the number of my pet goats grew, people would ask what are you going to do with them?  I replied, “I’m going to create a business.”

Through divorce, relocation to another farm, my sacrifice and determination have brought me to where I am today.


Laughing Gut Kombucha
Business Phone Number: (845) 541-2722 or (845) 863-5239
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Contact Name: Nancy Benziger
Adam Benziger
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What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a lightly sweetened and effervescent fermented tea that has been used for centuries as an aid to digestion and well-being. The origins of Kombucha are a bit vague, but it likely originated in ancient China around 220BC and extended to Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan. As legend tells it, Kombu (or Kambu) was a Korean physician who treated the Japanese emperor with the special tea and it took his name, “Kombu” and added “cha”, meaning tea.  Kombucha has been called the “Immortal Health Elixir” or “Tea of Immortality.”

Why Laughing Gut?

We’ve worked hard to craft a unique beverage. Our signature recipe uses exceptional teas, natural essences, and herbs and spices such as lavender, star anise, orange zest and mint. When the pure flavor of Kombucha is allowed to shine without adding sweetened fruit juices, the result is a tart, flavorful, and refreshing Kombucha that will have your gut laughing with each tasty sip.

LunaGrown Jam
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LunaGrown Jam. Distinguished traditional jams and marmalades. Made in the Hudson Valley of New York. LunaGrown products contain no artificial colors or additives and are free from high fructose corn syrup. LunaGrown is a gluten-free and reduced sugar product. All of our products are created in small batches and are Kosher certified. We rely on local agriculture for our produce.

Visit this vendor at the 2019 Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s Farmers’ Market


Orange County Distillery
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Orange County Distillery is a farm distillery located in the Black Dirt Region of Orange County, New York.  We believe that quality spirits can only be created from quality ingredients.  Starting with our own crops, everything we need to create small-batch spirits is done right here on our farm.  A true farm to bottle distillery.

Visit them at the 2019 Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s Farmers’ Market

Visit them at the 38th Annual Great American Weekend


The Ott’rageous Cookie Co.
Address: Middletown NY
Business Phone Number: (845) 656-2707
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Contact Name: Raymond J. Otte
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Home-based food processor making a variety of cookies.  We sell our cookies at farmer’s markets and festivals throughout the Hudson Valley.  Cookies are made fresh with all butter, pure extracts, and ingredients found in most kitchens.

Winterton Farms
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Contact Name: Erika
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We Are A Working Farm Complete With A Seasonal Sugar Shack For Making Maple Syrup Straight From The Tree, Delicious Seasonal Produce And Gorgeous Fields Of Lavender! Our Products Are Made From Our Very Own Harvested And Foraged Ingredients From Our Land That Are Carefully Distilled Into Essential Oils And Hydrosol. We Offer Tours, Host Private Events, Have Public Festivals And More!

Visit them at the 2019 Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s Farmers’ Market