Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s February Networking Breakfast with Orange County Tourism Director Amanda Dana and Village of Goshen Mayor Mike Nuzzolese was a SOLD-OUT event.

Orange County Tourism

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release February 20, 2020 Goshen, N.Y. – The Goshen Chamber of Commerce hosts their second SOLD-OUT Networking Breakfast for 2020. Their featured speaker was Director of Orange County Tourism & Film Amanda Dana, who updated a packed house with exciting updates in the tourism for Orange County and their newly acquired […]

Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s January Networking Breakfast with County Executive Steve Neuhaus was a SOLD-OUT event.

County Executive Neuhaus, Executive Director Barbara Martinez, Board President Mark Kalish

Goshen, N.Y. – The Goshen Chamber of Commerce kicks off the New Year with a SOLD-OUT January Networking Breakfast. Their featured speaker was County Executive Steve Neuhaus, who updated a packed house with Orange County goals and projects for 2020. Their “opening speaker” was the Junior League of Orange County, speaking on the realities of […]

Goshen Chamber to host Goshen Business Forum

Welcome Sign Goshen

We are dedicated to helping support, promote and bring value to our members. We are also dedicated to helping in the strength and growth of our community. We believe by working together with members and non-members we can make great strides towards the health of our community. The Goshen Chamber of Commerce cordially invites Goshen […]

Goshen Chamber of Commerce to partner with Google

Google has rolled out a great program to help chamber members claim their “Un-Claimed” Google My Business accounts. The Goshen Chamber of Commerce will be partnering with Google to help speed the claiming process up dramatically. Step 1 – Awareness Every business or merchant has a free Google My Business Account, in many cases set […]

The New Year Hasn’t Slowed These New Email Twists

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With the New Year here, many of us have resolved to take our email security more seriously. Maybe we’re unsubscribing from all those promotional messages, being more thoughtful with our replies to colleagues, or striving for that elusive state of inbox zero. Like most New Year’s resolutions, the extra attention we’re paying to the emails […]

What are some common bank fraud practices?


BE AWARE OF THESE FINANCIAL SCAMS! While tax-related fraud and identity theft come in many forms, there are several ways that it can begin. They all involve obtaining a victim’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Here are some common scams to watch out for: Phishing – Phishing occurs when fraudsters send taxpayers fraudulent e-mails or website links, […]

Tips for Running a Nonprofit

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Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP July 17, 2019 Tips for Running a Nonprofit Almost every attorney and staff member at J&G volunteers for one or more nonprofits. We also represent dozens of nonprofits of all kinds. Here are some tips for running 501(c)(3)  charitable nonprofits. Tip 1. Care, Obedience and Loyalty. Members of a nonprofit board of directors are said to have these […]

These 5 Myths Cause Small Businesses to Fail


January 1, 2020 By Charles “Tee” Rowe – Every year, Americans start businesses with the hope of achieving financial success, independence, and personal fulfillment. Unfortunately, many times those dreams are never realized. Too often the enthusiasm and energy that small business owners put into their business isn’t matched by the planning and skills needed to […]