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Google Reviews are one of the most important parts of your digital brand and exposure online.  Please take a moment to post a review for the Goshen Chamber if you are a member or have had experience with us.  Below we have some of our most recent reviews from members that have been posted on google. We encourage you to promote your own business reviews as well.

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Dianne DeFalco Maher

I’ve never seen a Chamber be this interactive in supporting local business. As a branch manager of a Goshen real estate office I’m very excited to see the growth of Goshen.  It’s very encouraging to see the cohesiveness and encouragement from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and residents to support the local merchants.

Christopher Wilson

A positive professional relationship both for my company and myself.  This chamber knows business, and knows how to nurture new ones.  Proud to be a member.

Jim King

Having been part of a very active Chamber in the past but the Goshen Chamber takes the meaning of Chamber of Commerce to a new level.

Tracy Dentico

Fantastic driven leadership is what makes the GCC an excellent choice for local businesses to join. This also includes the very small businesses, such as local artisans whom can be very quiet and don’t have the first idea how to promote themselves successfully! Thank you GCC for all of the work that you do. Proud to be a member of such a driving force in the village! xxx

Jill Omen

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce has been very involved in Goshen Historic Track’s events, helping to make them a tremendous success. We appreciate the attention to detail and helping to give us publicity.