Google Reviews

Google Reviews are one of the most important parts of your digital brand and exposure online.  Please take a moment to post a review for the Goshen Chamber if you are a member or have had experience with us.  Below we have some of our most recent reviews from members that have been posted on google. We encourage you to promote your own business reviews as well.

Peter Artusa – All County Window Cleaning

This is the chamber to belong to. Barbara and her staff get it. They are an incredible partner to business. As a business owner building a strong referral network is essential. This chamber makes that easy through its networking events, Facebook live and member participation. Joining this chamber was one of the best business decisions we have made.

Donald Green – SUNY Orange

Great presentation! Barbara we appreciate the tireless efforts of you and Lisa and your member businesses to support our students, connect them to employment opportunities and provide them with hands-on work experience. You guys are amazing!

Gary Siegel – CD Trips

We are so proud to be a member of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. The networking breakfasts are fantastic as we have made so many new friends from Goshen and Orange County. It was such a pleasure to have Executive Director, Barbara Martinez join us on our 11/23 CD Trip to NYC to see The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway. Barbara was in amazing form broadcasting Facebook Live Videos during three parts of the trip. Her energy is infectious and it’s evident that she cares deeply about the member businesses in the chamber.. Barbara has been so helpful when it comes to promoting our business in Goshen and Orange County and we are looking forward to moving onward and upward working with her and the Goshen Chamber into the future.

Amy Van Amburgh

Barbara and Lisa bring positive and energetic vibes to both Goshen and Orange County!! Incredible humans whose passion and dedication to their members shines in the work they do everyday! Thank you for all that you do!

Dianne DeFalco Maher

I’ve never seen a Chamber be this interactive in supporting local business. As a branch manager of a Goshen real estate office I’m very excited to see the growth of Goshen. It’s very encouraging to see the cohesiveness and encouragement from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and residents to support the local merchants.

Ramon Pineiro III

Out of all the different organizations I belong to I have to say that not only is the Executive director Barbara a great leader but she is also a great friend. She pushes you to do more and won’t let you give an excuse as to not accomplishing your goals. She is very active in promoting your business and making sure you meet the right people. Barbara is someone I would recommend you know as soon as possible

Christopher Wilson

A positive professional relationship both for my company and myself. This chamber knows business, and knows how to nurture new ones. Proud to be a member

Jim King

Having been part of a very active Chamber in the past but the Goshen Chamber takes the meaning of Chamber of Commerce to a new level.

Tracy Dentico

Fantastic driven leadership is what makes the GCC an excellent choice for local businesses to join. This also includes the very small businesses, such as local artisans whom can be very quiet and don’t have the first idea how to promote themselves successfully! Thank you GCC for all of the work that you do. Proud to be a member of such a driving force in the village! xxx

Jill Omen

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce has been very involved in Goshen Historic Track’s events, helping to make them a tremendous success. We appreciate the attention to detail and helping to give us publicity. Barbara Martinez and her staff are wonderful!

William O’Keeffe

I am thrilled to be a new active member of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce! The support of this organization is invaluable and the energy and enthusiasm of Barbara Martinez is infectious! This treasure of a connection could not have come at a better time as we continue to grow our existing law practice, and as we develop our brand new workplace! THANK YOU!!

Debbie Major – Zylofone

I’m excited for our county seat to have such a bright light shining on it. The new Executive Director, Barbara Martinez has been visiting the local Goshen businesses to create new relationships and make all of us aware of their locations and what they offer. She’s strong, smart and graceful. As the county is becoming more developed, we are lucky to have her sparkle!

R Scherer – Networking Fusion

As one of the newest members of the Goshen Chamber, not only am I honored to be part of this great chamber, but am very impressed with both Barbara Martinez, Executive Director & her Executive Assistant, Lisa Clancy for their forward thinking, engagement in both their community and with their members, and for their strong desire & interest in making The Goshen Chamber the best chamber in all of Orange County. I absolutely love their motto “Goshen Chamber Connects”. I would highly recommend that any local business be a part of this great organization.